Progressive State Swap

Living in a state where every legislative action goes against one’s core ethical foundation is quite hard: few people are more aware of this than Free Staters. 

Moving to Be Free

I, for example, have lived in NYC, NJ, Chicago, Boulder, and Boston. Every day I would awaken to headlines championing some oppressive legislation, which directly conflicted with my fundamental ethical belief in each person’s self-ownership. 

No longer able to ignore this facile inhumanity, I left my friends and family to migrate to the “Live Free or Die” state, the #1 most free state.

 in North America, the state to which tens of thousands of other liberty lovers were flocking. As soon as I arrived, I no longer was ineffectively inveighing against human oppression, but instead nurturing the growth of human freedom. I have seen chains lifted, jails opened, businesses flourish, threats removed, extortion decreased, licenses lessened, opportunities form, and alternatives multiply. People, who in other states risk their liberty simply because they prefer to live their lives differently than their ruler’s command, breathe safely here in New Hampshire.

Some Unhappy NH Progressives

But even as I have delighted in this hotbed of liberty, a legacy segment has become more miserable. A more free New Hampshire is the opposite of what they want. To them, their neighbor living her life as she chooses is just too much to bear. Perversely, they consider not being allowed to threaten violent police action under color of law to force their neighbor to conform her life to their preferences is a type of oppression of themselves.

And so this segment has formed committees and organizations, has held meetings and rallies, to rant and to rail, warning all who will sit to listen to the awful danger posed by Free Staters setting their neighbors free.

And although these people want a coercive, oppressive society – the opposite of what I want for my family – I understand their frustration. Like I used to, they are living in a state that is continuously moving further away from the type of society that they most want.

A Obvious Solution

Luckily for them, progressive states are everywhere to be found! These progressives even point to the authoritarian states immediately surrounding New Hampshire to argue, “New Hampshire is out-of-step!  Why can’t New Hampshire be just like those states!?” 

They do not understand that those most driven towards expanding human freedom need one place where we can escape the progressives’ cruel subjugation, and that without that safety valve, the entire country could well explode.

The obvious alternative escapes them: Don’t re-oppress a segment that – at great cost – escaped the oppression of those states. Don’t end the only hope for freedom in an increasingly totalitarian world, the one state that is actually embracing human freedom.  


Move to whichever of the dozens of progressive authoritarian states most attract you.

You don’t like guns?  Scores of states proudly infringe on the Second Amendment.

Don’t want parents to be able to choose alternative schools for their children? Government unions fully monopolize most states, ensuring parents will have little say in their children’s education.

Want to forcibly inject experimental, questionably effective, Big Pharma chemicals into the bodies of non-consenting adults and their children? There are progressive states that are even considering concentration camps for those who refuse.

Why, there are dozens of progressive states for progressive authoritarians to escape burgeoning freedom in New Hampshire!

Sadly, New Hampshire is unique in the world: there is no alternative state to send liberty lovers.

The Progressive State Swap Contest

And so, we’re holding a contest to illustrate how this simple solution immediately decreases acrimony and increases peace.

From applicants, a coalition of libertarians and progressives will select one progressive, who is miserable living in an increasingly freed New Hampshire, and a libertarian, who is miserable living in some progressive state.

And we will swap them.

We will pay their expenses to move, demonstrating how such a low cost investment instantly allows both the progressive and the libertarian to live much happier lives in states much more consonant with their values. Misery and acrimony are instantly decreased.

So, if you know of a progressive or a socialist who is constantly complains about living in an increasingly free state, recommend that they apply.

If they are chosen, a moving company will pack them up, transport them to whichever progressive state they prefer. We’ll move them into their new digs; we’ll even pay the down payment on their rental apartment!

And we’ll bring a liberty lover, currently living in misery in that same state, back here, to bask in the freedom that only New Hampshire offers.

And if you want to help them to find greater happiness, please contribute to our fund here.

By moving to any of the many progressive states, intolerant progressive authoritarians will immediately find a lifestyle much more to their liking than they ever will enjoy by remaining here. And New Hampshire will be freed to continue shining its beacon of hope to tyrannized people everywhere, with far less hostility in its midst for daring to be the one free state in an otherwise unfree world.


Dennis Pratt is helping separate conservatives, progressives, and libertarians, before we all come to blows.

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Deanne · December 30, 2021 at 1:25 pm

This is a very nice and optimistic article. If only it were true that New Hampshire is “free.” The only way New Hampshire can be considered “free” is to compare it to its less free neighbors.

New Hampshire has 4 anti-freedom people “representing” the residents of New Hampshire in Washington, district of criminals. New Hampshire has a governor/dictator that has been overtly trampling on our rights and freedom for almost 2 years now, and who just weaseled to get his way on receiving federal funds with the attached strings (which are overtly anti-liberty) and also conspired with police to have 9 peaceful attendees at a meeting arrested.

Property taxes (which I paid yesterday) still require me to fund the state education system which I never used a day in my life.

The founding fathers of this country would not recognize what we live under as “freedom.” They would consider it bondage and oppression.

I do agree that it would be a good idea for people to sort out by their desire for liberty, but New Hampshire is not showing much of a tendency toward liberty.

If New Hampshire is the most free state (as I have also heard), it is not saying much for what remains of freedom and is a sad and pretty hopeless statement on the hope for being able to live free.

The “beacon of light” is very, very dim.

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