DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to be more ‘informative’ than it is intended to be ‘neutral’. Admittedly, I support liberty and distrust authoritarian government. However, You will find many reputable, reliable, and neutral sources throughout the article, which back up the statements herein. 

As we head into the final 100 days before the 2020 presidential election, I will be launching a new series, called “Know Your Candidates”. Each week, we will choose an important topic, and we will compare all three candidates who will be on everyone’s ballots in November: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Jo Jorgensen. In the inaugural article, we’ll be discussing gun rights, the most basic, fundamental natural human right. Gun rights is a natural right that all humans have, and it’s protected by two human rights: Property rights (the right to own any property that you justly acquire) and self-defense rights (the right to defend your life from harm by any means necessary). Here’s how the three candidates stand on the right to own and use weapons for self-defense:

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee is anti-gun, and grows stronger in his support for the total abolition of gun rights each day. You needn’t look further than his own website, JoeBiden.com for proof. The 50-year career politician boasts about his role in passing tremendous gun control bills when he was a Senator. He also states that he wants to ban your firearms and magazines. He would limit the number of firearm purchases to one per month. He wants people to sue firearms manufacturers (Ruger, Sig, Glock, S&W, etc.) for damages in the event that a person shoots another. He also wants to make private sales a crime. In general, Democrats are increasingly anti-gun.

Biden ban pistols

Donald Trump, the incumbent Republican president ran on a strong pro-gun platform, but has since disappointed many gun owners and pro-freedom voters. Since taking office, his ATF has banned bump stocks without legislative consent, has essentially made the case for banning all firearms, and is now seemingly preparing to ban many gun parts. Trump has also said on the record that he supports red flag laws, famously saying, “Take the guns first, go through due process second”. Trump recently appointed the anti-gun lawyer, William Barr, to be his Attorney General. Barr oversaw the Ruby Ridge incident, the most horrible anti-gun travesty in US history when he was AG under Bush in 1992. Trump has also gone on record saying that he does not like silencers, accessories which make firearms slightly less deafening to the shooter and people nearby. In general, Republicans are moderately pro-gun, though many are nearly as anti-gun as Democrats.

Trump take the guns first

Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian nominee for President, is openly pro-gun and totally pro-freedom. She believes that the right to own property is a natural human right, and that self-defense is a natural human right, and that both are supposed to be protected by the US Constitution. She has said on the record that she would abolish the ATF, the agency which enforces gun control for the federal government. She does not believe that there should be any restrictions on peaceful gun owners. However, Jorgensen believes in strong justice for those who harm people or their property. In general Libertarians support gun rights and do not believe that politicians should restrict the ownership or use of firearms by civilians.

Jo Jo abolish ATF