By Ed Mazlish for The Liberty Block

For the past 2 years, we have been told lie after lie by the people in charge of our government, by Big Tech, and by the media. Masks are effective. Vaccines are safe and effective. Riots and looting are “peaceful protests.” And so on. Now those same people are telling us that Ukraine is a budding Jeffersonian democracy and that Putin is Hitler – and they are all censoring dissent from the current Narrative on Ukraine/Putin just as they censored dissent on the previous lies. But for some reason, many of the same people who openly questioned the Narrative on masks, vaccines, and peaceful protests have suddenly decided that the same liars they previously called out are suddenly reliable and trustworthy on the subject of Ukraine/Putin.

Ukraine is not a budding Jeffersonian Democracy. It is a cesspool of corruption. It is a hotbed of sex trafficking, child trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, and the establishment of Western NGOs for the purpose of accomplishing that corruption. It is not a random coincidence that not merely Biden’s son made millions in Ukraine, but that Pelosi’s and Romney’s did too. And there have been others. Ukraine is a hotbed of corruption. It is the Afghanistan of Europe.

And let’s look at the other side of the equation. Is there any valid reason for the Russians to have invaded Ukraine? The Biden Administration has refused to take NATO membership for Ukraine off the table. If China formed a defense pact with South American countries and moved up the continent until finally getting to Mexico, would we find it acceptable for Mexico to join that anti-US alliance? Would we be ok with Chinese troops and bases at the Mexican border? Of course not. And did JFK go down as “Hitler” for similarly precipitating the Cuban Missile Crisis? Again, no. Ukraine’s membership in NATO was a red line for Russia – but nobody seems to be willing to raise that issue. Perhaps because of the censorship.

Now let’s look at the effect of the sanctions. It may appear that Russia is the target of those sanctions, but the real target is the Western Europeans and the Americans. Since when does the Left object to higher energy prices? That has long been a centerpiece of their platform. The sanctions have driven up the cost of energy in ways that the US Congress and even European legislatures would never have been able to pass. And the coming food shortages that will result from the disruption of the wheat and corn supply from Russia and Ukraine are also aimed at Western Europeans and Americans. Food shortages and fuel shortages are the coming versions of lockdowns – destroy Western economies so that the “Build Back Better” people can build back with communism and fascism.

Another aspect of the sanctions is that the Great Reset people are consolidating their control on power. If you objected to Trudeau debanking and deplatforming the Canadian truckers, think about what it means for those people to be able to debank and deplatform an entire country. That’s what they are attempting to do to Russia.

And how has Putin reacted? If he were Hitler, and if he were determined on invading Western Europe, he would have shut down the energy spigot already. But he hasn’t. Western Europe relies on Russia for more than half of its energy needs – Germany relies on Russia for about 70% of its energy needs. If Putin were looking to tighten the screws, he would cut off all energy deliveries to Western Europe, and dare them to find alternative ways to heat/cool their homes, drive their cars, and power their factories. But he hasn’t. Putin is not Hitler and he is not bent on conquering Western Europe.

Now let’s look at China. China is playing both sides of the fence here. It has been reported that Biden gave China intelligence on the Russian plans for invasion – and that the Chinese gave that intelligence to Putin. They are obviously not on our side. The Chinese are planning to profit from this no matter what the outcome. If Russia wins, the Chinese will view it as a green light for their own aggression against Taiwan. But if Russia loses – and in the past 10 days the phrase “regime change” has slipped into the narrative peddled by the liars – China may look to attack the most militarized border in the world, the one it shares with Russia in the Far East. The two countries nearly went to war over that border dispute 60 years ago, and China has long eyed the natural resources and minerals to be exploited in the Russian Far East. Recent reports indicate that Russian troops from the Far East have been called in to help subdue Ukraine – if Western powers succeed in decapitating the Putin government, China may well detour its invasion of Taiwan by first invading the Russian Far East. And on top of the natural resources that are there, who knows how many Russian missiles are located there?

The people who correctly called out the liars during the past 2 years need to stop wearing blue and yellow and stop rushing to restore the credibility of proven liars. Those liars are still lying. They are continuing the Russia collusion hoax and their TDS, and Biden is defending his corrupt friends in Ukraine. Stop lending your sanction to that farce. Putin may not be an angel, but he sure as heck isn’t Hitler. And he is not even clearly in the wrong in this situation.

The attempt to falsely portray Putin as Hitler and to censor debate on that topic – or self-censor debate, as so many people on the Right are apparently doing – is the real danger here. We are being whipped up into a frenzy by known liars who hate us and who use crises to exploit us and take away our freedoms. That is what is happening here. The war and the sanctions on Russia are really aimed at Western citizens, and I believe they presage the onset of an attack on the dollar. Democrats love to foment crises, and that is the crisis I think they are fomenting here. Don’t lend your sanction to it.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.

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Deanne · March 16, 2022 at 2:31 am

Question everything mainstream demoblicans or republicrats say. When they agree, it’s certain there is something up.

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