With the two highest-traffic sites in New Hampshire and nearly every Republican and conservative in the state strongly opposing him, “Republican” Dictator Chris Sununu faces an inevitable choice. The largest (GraniteGrok) and second-largest (The Liberty Block) news sites based in New Hampshire both have pro-freedom politics (conservative/libertarian) and have both been increasingly critical of Sununu of late. Within the past few weeks, both publications have published numerous articles from a multitude of writers calling for his resignation and/or impeachment. 

Sununu has nearly zero support in the State House (except a few RINOs and his new democrat allies) and barely has any support from his own staff, according to multiple sources. But the most drastic change has been among the common people. The nurses, educators, cops, national guardsmen, technical workers, paramedics, retail workers, firefighters, and restaurant workers have turned on Sununu over the past few months. Thousands of activists have been protesting his anti-liberty policies since corona-fascism began. Unlike nearly every other protest in the united states, though, these protests have been organized and attended by members of his own party. Republicans, conservatives, and others on the right side of the political spectrum have been furiously protesting and calling for Sununu to resign since the summer. 

After the Executive Council voted 4-1 to reject the $27 million federal bribe which would have forced us to obey and assist in federal corona-fascism indefinitely, Sununu harshly condemned all four Republican Executive Councilors in public. In an official statement, the Republican Dictator said “…today’s vote by members of my own party on the Executive Council was a total disservice to the constituents we serve…The vote showed a reckless disregard for the lives we are losing while they turn away the tools our state needs to fight and win this battle against COVID.”

Possibly even more disturbing is that Sununu told the Associated Press that New Hampshire is already implementing the policies that the grant would have paid for: “You reject these federal dollars, the federal government doesn’t put it in a savings account…they’re going to send it to New York and California. The dollars are ours, for programs we already implemented…”

Considering that the opposition to the grants involved concerns about being forced to assist federal agents in ‘isolation & quarantine’ procedures, Sununu mentioning that the state of NH has already implemented the programs is quite alarming. 

On Sunday, October 17th, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut spoke at an event hosted by the Government Integrity Project. The group is comprised of conservatives who are especially concerned with election integrity, which makes Sununu very uncomfortable. The group also opposes abusing children in schools by forcing them to wear masks all day, which also likely upsets Sununu, a hardcore corona-fascist. The GIP also opposes teaching white children that they are inherently racist, which also puts them at odds with Sununu, who threatened to veto a ban on teaching racism in NH schools. Dictator Sununu harshly condemned the actions of his Education Commissioner, as reported by NHPR: “Given this fringe group’s history and support of anti-government actions, the Commissioner’s decision to attend in his official capacity was inappropriate. He has given me his assurances that he will use better discretion going forward.”

Earlier in October, Sununu kicked the chairman off of the joint fiscal committee for opposing corona-fascism. Ken Weyler was a respected Republican state representative, but he supported freedom, which was not okay with Dictator Sununu.

“The most reasonable options for Sununu are resignation or possibly switching parties. He’s always been a natural Democrat, and with his recent condemnation of mainstream New Hampshire Republicans, it may be his only option. He supports abortion, CRT, electoral liberalism, and socialist regulation of businesses and people. He is not a conservative leader, that’s for sure.”, one source told The Liberty Block.

The Dictator is dealing with multiple scandals which continue to grow more problematic for him. As Cuomo and Franken demonstrated, even once-popular politicians can be forced to resign when the scandals grow too damaging. 

Another potential demise for Sununu could be criminal charges, though. He has seemingly targeted nine of his political opponents for arrest, and some of them have been locked up by his personal enforcers on multiple occasions over the past few months. The DOJ may investigate him for abuse of power, among other charges. If indicted for felony charges, Sununu would likely have to resign. If Sununu vacated the office of Governor, Senate President Chuck Morse would fill the role as per the New Hampshire Constitution. 

Increasingly, Sununu is attacking members of his own party. From conservative state representatives to centrists on the Executive Council, and from health freedom activists to election integrity advocates, Sununu seems intent on burning every bridge that could link him to conservatism and freedom. Without any link to the New Hampshire Republican party or the conservative-libertarian movement, his only path may lead to retirement or the Democrats. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 


Gloria · October 20, 2021 at 10:10 am

We are losing our country and to have our State leader who is suppose to be a Republican leader turn on us, the people who put him in his position is very disappointing. They seem to forget they work for us we don’t work for them.. Sununu has over stepped his powers, watching what he did to those innocent people was disheartening, and the state troopers who played along should all be reprimanded, they showed their weakness and gave in to to Sununu’s bullying. Sununu needs to go!

    Joan d'Ark · October 20, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    When you betray your oath, betray your duties and betray the people you are sworn to protect by staging an illegal arrest as a show of power and dominance, you can absolutely expect a response from We The People of NH! And of course, bravo to the NHPSA (sarcasm). Well done. ​With the blm riots, acab, defunding, LE hatred that is so prevalent in this country right now, you, State Troopers of New Hampshire choose to turn on the very people who have historically been in support of you? You arrest the very people who have had your back at rallies, often times taking the brunt of the bottles of sh1t, piss and concrete shakes. The people who fly those thin blue line flags on their trucks proudly and donate every year in support of you. The people who vote for politicians that are pro law enforcement so you can keep your jobs, get your raises and overtime. All the while YOU traitors work to subvert, subjugate and incarcerate these very same people! You have made an enemy out of the very people who hailed you, stood up for you and protected you. How abhorrently ungrateful. We will not, do not forget. What the ‘almighty’ governor and his private army of Constitution trampling stasi have done is unforgivable. When the time comes, and blm, Antifa and the psychotic leftists come after you in the final push and you look around at the rest of us and ask for help, we will all look back and say “NO” in a choir of rage and disgust. Your actions have far reaching effects and we the citizens of New Hampshire will not stand back and stand by.

Kathy · October 20, 2021 at 4:15 pm

What is happening to our Republican leaders? Sununu is not the only one who has fallen off the “freedom” wagon. It is more important than ever to have a “Ron DeSantis,” someone who doesn’t fear standing up to the mob. This is the FREE STATE!

Mike · October 20, 2021 at 4:27 pm

Mike Pompeo tried to warn us about governors like Sununu. He ertainly does not represent my values. Now he has cast NHSP in a terrible light. It makes one question the level of cooperation we’re willing to extend to those who do the masters bidding. Sorry Troopers but its time to police your own ranks. Respect for the thin blue line starts with integrity. Perhaps we need new leadership in multiple state agencies.

L.Lee · October 21, 2021 at 12:24 am

This was the last straw for me with regards to Governor Sununu. He has lost my support forever. He overplayed his hand and showed his true colors…they certainly are not red, white & blue.

John Palreiro · October 21, 2021 at 4:43 pm

This is the biggest Croc of Shit you fucking snowflakes have come up with lately.
Mark my words,” Sununu will kick Maggie Hassan’s ass when runs for the senate.
That what this article is really based on.

    The Liberty Block · October 21, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    Thank you for the comment, John.
    I believe that Sununu and Hassan would be a very close race for US Senate. That is not very relevant, though. I do not care who the Senator in DC is. I only care about what goes on inside of NH. As long as Dictator Sununu leaves office, I am happy!

WILLIAM FORTUNE · October 23, 2021 at 11:18 am

Sununu & Jeb Bradley are popular & get elected because they pander to the Left.

I have suggested that NO Lock-downs, NO masks & NO jabs. Instead we need to install UV-C & HEPA filters to catch & “kill” the viruses, mold & bacteria.

My platform also raises the issue of the National Guard being under the control of the Military and the Feds, like Pelosi, as we saw after Jan 6.

What are your alternatives ? Bill Fortune, Independent for NH Governor 603 365 0251

Trader Gordon · October 24, 2021 at 4:34 pm

Sununu’s father rigged the 1988 presidential election for George “Read My Lips” Bush, Sr. by bringing the Shouptronic electronic voting machine into NH, then went to DC as chief of staff. Read “Votescam” by the Collier brothers. Rare copies on Ebay, and not cheap. Whole family is corrupt.

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