For decades, the authoritarian left has brilliantly used perpetual changes in language to exert their control over us and influence the culture. 

They have convinced individuals of so many things simply by using subtle terms like money, school, bigot, racist, sexist, etc.

It’s time we fight back in the ultimate war of the minds: Language

Instead of referring to the US government politicians’ fake money as ‘cash’, ‘dollars’, or ‘money’, we should all start referring to their fake money as ‘FRN’s, federal reserve notes, greenbacks, or fiat. And start referring to gold, silver, or crypto as ‘money’ or ‘real money’. 

Instead of calling it ‘civil asset forfeiture’, let’s call it what it is: Theft, robbery, or ‘tyrannical asset forfeiture‘. And the same goes for eminent domain.

Instead of saying ‘public schools’, we should call them ‘government-run schools’ or ‘indoctrination centers’.

Instead of ‘America’, call the union of states what it is: a union. Or the US. We are not one country, and we never were. The US is a union of 50 very different nation-states. And we should make that clear once again. Personally, I call it the ‘divided states’.

Instead of calling government-run schools created and controlled by politicians ‘public schools’, let’s call them what they are: government schools, government daycare centers, or political indoctrination centers. We could also remind people that they are funded by mandatory taxation. 

Instead of the term ‘taxation’, ‘publicly funded’ or ‘government funded’, let’s start calling it ‘theft’ or ‘extortion’. We should also call ‘civil asset forfeiture’ what it really is: Armed robbery.

No-knock raids conducted by cops are really just armed home invasions.

Police and other law enforcement agencies are just gangs of armed enforcers used by politicians to impose their will on you and me.

Instead of calling them governors, let’s call them what they are: dictators. They have been enforcing corona-fascism for a year by executive order without a single bill being passed by their legislatures. Instead of legislatures, let’s call them ‘useless appendages of representative government’. 

Instead of ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘anti-racist’ advocates, let’s call them ‘black supremacists’, ‘anti-white racists’, ‘Marxist terrorists’, or something else. 

Shareholders = Owners of a company. This could refer to the small group of owners of a private company or a large group of all shareholders of stocks (of a publicly-traded company). Shareholders each have a small say in how the company is run, and each technically owns a small part of the company and generally benefits from the company making money. (Some massive publicly traded companies offer ‘preferred stocks‘ which do not grant the shareholder voting rights in company decisions)

Stakeholders = A term increasingly used by leftists to represent every person who is affected or has any relation to the company. This generally includes billions of people, because any company that emits a one or more molecules of CO2 is technically polluting the world, which affects all living humans. Watch out for the purposeful conflation of the two above terms as the left tried to deceive unsuspecting individuals. The World Economic Forum put out a video explaining that the world must change from a capitalist system to a ‘stakeholder capitalism’ (AKA socialism) system.

We will constantly add to this list!

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Jodi · February 3, 2021 at 3:46 pm

Yes! I love this!

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