Now that talk about peaceful separation is becoming increasingly mainstream, we’d like to take a look at why progressive left-leaning individuals may support such a movement. Typically, people believe that state independence is a purely right-wing phenomenon. However, progressive states are actually leading the way when it comes to reclaiming state sovereignty from DC.

With just a few weeks remaining before the first public hearing on New Hampshire’s independence legislation, legislators are scrambling to whip votes for and against the bill. Some legislators are sincerely trying to learn more about the legislation and what it would mean for the people of New Hampshire, though. These lawmakers are honestly trying to consider the costs and benefits of severing all ties with DC politicians. Nine Republican Representatives proposed CACR32, and at least a few dozen more Republicans in the House have publicly endorsed the idea, but Democrats have been reluctant to support the legislation publicly. Here are a few major reasons why some Democrats may support the constitutional amendment:

According to federal law, cannabis is currently a schedule-1 controlled substance, which is the highest level of prohibition on any substance that the DC politicians consider any substance to be. Explained another way, nothing is more harmful, dangerous, and addictive than cannabis, according to DC politicians. Federal law includes a 1-3 year prison sentence for anyone caught with any amount of cannabis. Selling large amounts of cannabis could result in life in prison, according to current federal law. In response to the insanity of DC politicians, progressive states from California to New York have ‘nullified’ federal law by simply passing legislation to tell all their law enforcement officials to ignore the federal laws that contradict the progressive values held by the citizens in the state. 

Similarly, progressive states all over the union have nullified federal immigration law. Many individuals and legislators on the left side of the spectrum believe that the immigration policies and enforcement controlled by DC politicians violate their values. So, they have nullified federal immigration law by passing legislation to become sanctuary states. 

If you believe in due process and if you oppose mass surveillance and the police state, you must support leaving DC. Nearly every violation of due process and privacy comes from DC politicians, federal police, and federal courts. From civil asset forfeiture to mass NSA spying and from Stingrays to qualified immunity, DC politicians are the cause of nearly every problem in the modern criminal justice system. If you don’t like sobriety checkpoints, ICE, CBP, surveillance drones, militarized police, and the rest of the police state, you must support CACR32 to sever ties with DC once and for all. 

The problem? 

At any moment, DC politicians can step up their enforcement and/or begin to punish states that flout their laws. The federal government takes billions of dollars from taxpayers in progressive states each year. They send some of that money back to the state governments, but only as long as they obey the wishes of DC elites. If the US government decides to stop sending that money back to any state that does not obey federal cannabis and immigration law to a tee, life would change drastically for around 50 million progressives overnight. 

Additional issues that might be of concern to progressives include the extreme prohibition of abortion that the Supreme Court of the US government recently refused to block, federal politicians rolling back gun control, and the elimination of democratic voting rights measures, and the passing of voter ID laws


Billy Daniel · September 21, 2021 at 1:50 pm

Help me understand how any one can perceive that a peaceful separation from tyranny is even a possibility?

    The Liberty Block · September 29, 2021 at 4:33 am

    It is very difficult, but secession has happened dozens of times over the past few years throughout the world. Independence is certainly difficult, but it’s our only hope. That said, once the US government implodes, the states will be free to govern themselves again.

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