On Thursday afternoon, the New Hampshire House voted on CACR20, legislation that would place a question on the ballot asking voters if they wished to amend the New Hampshire Constitution to include a provision stating that New Hampshire declares independence from the union once the DC politicians rack up a debt of $40 trillion. Had the proposal passed the House and Senate with 60% in each, it would have been sent to the voters to see if 67% of them supported it.

A similar constitutional amendment was proposed in the House two years ago. In 2022, CACR32 received only 13 votes. Today, the near-doubling of that number underscores the obvious trend: people are growing more exasperated with DC and are increasingly supportive of radical change. Once again, the leadership of the duopoly ensured that the legislation was crushed as quickly as possible with as little discussion allowed by law. Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House did not allow for a roll-call vote, so we do not know the names of those who voted in favor of the motion. The official motion was to ‘indefinitely postpone’ CACR20, and 24 voted against it. 

Over the past two years, a few major developments have boosted the movement for radical policy reforms and peaceful separation:

  1. Last year, the state’s Ballow Law Commission unanimously dismissed the insane (but largely believed) notion that any vote in favor of considering peaceful separation from the union is tantamount to treason, rebellion, or insurrection. Someone filed the complaint with the BLC in order to throw the secessionists off the ballot so that they could not be reelected. The Commission – which includes the Secretary of State and the Attorney General – quickly tossed the complaint. This surely made more legislators more comfortable voting their conscience. In 2022, anti-liberty politicians illegally threatened anyone considering voting for CACR32 with insurrection charges. 
  2. In July 2022, The Liberty Block reported on a poll conducted by SurveyUSA which found that “when asked whether NH should secede today, 29% said yes, 14% were unsure, and only 58% said that we should not leave the union today. Among Republicans, 52% want to secede today, only 11% are unsure, and only 38% said that we should remain in the union.”
  3. In February 2023, NBC published their docu-series about the Free State Project in New Hampshire, with a substantial focus on the state’s growing secession movement. This brought attention to the ideas of peaceful separation and self-governance throughout the union.
  4. Alu published numerous books relating to secession, including They Fear Unity and Articles of Secession.
  5. In May 2023, a second poll confirmed substantial support for New Hampshire secession. Many people are understandably skeptical about the results of one poll, so a second one conducted at a different time by a different firm is always an excellent idea. The famous University of New Hampshire Granite State Poll asked about independence, and it found that 16% of voters and roughly half conservatives in New Hampshire said they were ready to secede immediately.
  6. Just days ago, The Liberty Block reported on the increasingly tense standoff at the Texas border between the state’s soldiers and the DC government’s agents. The governments of 25 states have already signed a letter in support of Texas, indicating that they would fight alongside them against the feds. 
  7. The seemingly infinite list of reasons to secede has continued to grow. 
  8. Anti-independence politicians have still refused to have a public debate about peaceful separation. 

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