In honor of the 20th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest), Local Silver Mint has produced a limited-edition design of their 1/10th ounce silver bars, sometimes referred to as ‘silver bits’ due to their small size. The bits have been gaining popularity since the New Hampshire mint began making them a few years ago. Since 2021, LSM has produced over a million bits, including fulfilling numerous large-scale orders for SD Bullion, Money Metals, and JM Bullion, as well as other online retailers. In southern New Hampshire, a growing number of consumers have been using the bits to make purchases, including Alu’s books

As the dollar’s value continues its free-fall, we can expect silver and gold to be used as money more frequently by everyday people. The store is located in Weare and sells products made by the mint, products from larger mints, and silver coins, as well as some other precious metals and related products. Since its inception the business has primarily focused on low-premium and barterable products. This is among the first ‘numismatic’ products LSM has minted.

The owner and operator of the mint and its retail store, Dave Breger told The Liberty Block that he plans to release 2,000 of the Porcfest bits. The price will be $10 each, though there may be some volume discounts. The bits are available now at the LSM showroom in Weare, and wil be sold at Porcfest by Alu Axelman/The Liberty Block (RV1) site all week long. The Local Silver Mint’s store is currently open for business Thursday-Saturday from 10am to 3pm, so you could grab one for yourself tomorrow or Saturday! 

The store’s address is 33 North Stark Highway in Weare.

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