The following was posted to Facebook by Republican Representative Mark Alliegro of Campton and published on The Liberty Block with his permission. The political arrests he refers to can be found in a prior article


To the members of this group, I need your help.  And, I suspect, I will need your support in the coming weeks and months. I am, by now, the most hated person in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I don’t care — with friends like these, who needs enemies?  Let me tell you what is happening.  Apologies in advance, but this will be a long post.

In response to the apparently disgusting behavior of our Boy Governor on October 13, I e-mailed the ~75 members of our so-called House “Freedom Caucus”. I asked if anyone could offer an alternative explanation to what the video showed, and asked about impeachment proceedings. (I will be happy to share my e-mail with anyone who requests it.) In response, I received ~3 comments expressing support for the Constitution and concern over the arrests at the Oct. 13 Executive Council meeting, one nasty reply, and nothing else. Reminder: this was from the “Freedom Caucus”.

In the absence of a constructive response from the “Freedom Caucus”, I e-mailed the Speaker of the House, not mentioning impeachment, but asking for a viable explanation and suggesting we hold a caucus meeting so that we could work things out, among ourselves. He did not reply. So I re-sent the e-mail.

I e-mailed the House Majority Leader, a man who I respect and want to like. I am sorry to report that I received a vague reply.

So I e-mailed the entire Republican House membership — 208 “Representatives”.  (I will be happy to share with you the e-mail sent to them.) I asked if they could provide evidence that what we saw in the videos was misrepresented, or if they could at least offer an alternative explanation. I think those are clear and simple requests. I stated that I would be happy to hear a reasonable explanation, and would not hesitate to eat my words and apologize if one was provided. I received ~5 replies actually addressing the inquiry and indicating support in various ways.  However, in nauseating fashion, I received scores of replies with dodges including (paraphrasing):  “We shouldn’t interfere with how Executive Council meetings are run”; “We have a bold and dynamic Party, we should talk about that (taxes, etc.)”; “Our Constitution says there is a separation of the powers, so we should not get involved.”; “We should just let it go through the courts to determine their guilt or innocence.” Some said that they were not there and had not seen the video, but could offer nothing else. When another Representative suggested we send a letter of concern to the Governor, they then completely ignored my question and just said “no, they would absolutely not sign on.” Change the subject — a classic democrat tactic.  I kept reminding my “colleagues” that no one was actually addressing my question, so I sent the video to everyone. They still refused to address the question — a fact more damning than the videos themselves.

I will undoubtedly be the single most hated member of the NH House. They will come after me.  That’s how cowards work. Any bill I authored (including the one for hand-counting ballots) will be killed on sight. I don’t give a damn. I didn’t accept the responsibility of office to make friends (as one of my “colleagues” once told me, “It’s all about relationships.”  Puke.). I am utterly and completely disgusted by this behavior. IF there is reason to believe the Constitution was violated by our Boy Governor, then it is the duty of the Legislative Branch to investigate and, IF necessary, take action.  Please note the two “IFs” in that sentence. 

Your New Hampshire “Representatives” have abdicated their responsibilities. They have violated their oath of office. They have put Party before duty.  When they could have proceeded in a calm, quiet, professional, measured way, they hid.  Be assured, their lost courage will return when they focus their attention on me. They will attack me personally. I predict they will misrepresent my votes in the House. And I will not be surprised if a State Trooper shows up on my doorstep someday, with trumped-up charges in hand.

If you decide to contact your “Representative”, please remember that several were supportive.  Several are on your side.  No need to be nasty to them. I will be happy to let you know, privately, if your “Representative” is one that does not deserve your full disdain. As to the rest of them, well, you decide. You may want to start with a polite inquiry, like I did. Then proceed from there, like I am.

If not now, when?  If not you, then who? Our Republic truly does hang in the balance. Be Americans!

If you live in and vote in Campton, remember this. I do not tolerate violation of the Constitution by anyone, Republican or Democrat.


Ryan George · October 30, 2021 at 1:53 pm

Hello Mark,

I am truly excited to see you are awaken to the fact that the Republic is lip service to the majority of the population through our evolving ignorance and refusal to see we are accountability to each other. In the democracy everything exists for the special interests (Democracy- Is when two wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for dinner).

Mark, your strength and ability to bring attention to the shadow of our governors behavior is heroic and honorable. It’s time for the adults to stand up for accountably and transparency with our public officials and the system that is out of balance. It’s not about going against the political party or the Governor, it’s about calling out inappropriate behavior and correcting it. There is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. With that said the Governor as made his position clear if you are an opinionated, passionate, conscientious citizen whom may have a different opinion you will be singled out by gun point, harassed by threat, duress and coercion by the militant unconscious, unethical, State Police Officers just following orders. You will be treated like a child for misbehaving against the all know STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (through misbehavior of our so called public officers) which include every public officers whom acquiesces ( silence is agreement) to this fraud against the People.
I look forward to supporting you and any other whom stands on their commitment to civil discourse and the People’s individual Sovereignty. Its time for the People to re-awaken and bring clarity to our public servants.

The higher moral position is clear. “The means and the ends are the same.” The Governors (the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE and it officers) behavior is not honorable or justified. It is an act of unconsciousness child like behavior through the allusion of public safety and benevolence. The arrest of the People on October 13th was a clear indicator that the Governor, the STATE and all those whom continue to acquiesce have taken one step closer towards fascism (a form of government control by finance above all else).

Hon. Anne Copp · November 8, 2021 at 4:54 am

I concur Rep Mark Allegro is a man of honor snd integrity. He voted along with 9 Patriots ( Thats sll that’s left) in the House against the “Boy Governors” Omnibus 💩🍔 Bill The rider bill to the budget jam packed with Legislators pet projects… it now codifies into law very bad deals for the citizens like Agenda 2030 etc..

Mark us correct the weak henchman Soeaker Packard stooped so low as to call this former member s Biach’e on a hot mic! The legislature refused to hold him to account! They replied “We don’t want a DemocRAT Speaker” yiu already have One! Is it not your duty in the majority to be sure that does nor happen??

Feckless weakness Jellyfish establishment RINOS have control and are carrying the Govnah water!

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