Time for some cold hard brutal honesty. To the minority of New Hampshire Republicans who do not yet support peaceful separation from DC politicians, have you thought about what it would take to shake you from your slumber and make you realize that secession is literally our only option if we want our children to have the same liberties we had? Have you wondered how much abuse you’ll allow the feds to commit against us before you divorce them for good? Here are a few examples that you may find to be your ‘final straw’ or your line in the sand. 

Gun rights

As of today, New Hampshire’s state government has no regulations on firearms other than a blanket prohibition on carrying in a courthouse. However, people in New Hampshire must obey federal laws, which prohibit us from owning suppressors, automatic guns, SBRs, bump stocks, and other inanimate objects, without jumping through tedious federal hoops. More importantly, increased federal gun control is inevitable. Last year, congressional Democrats sponsored legislation that would have prohibited gun ownership throughout the united states. Another bill to prohibit private sales without background checks (and thereby create a federal registry) had 211 sponsors. In my estimation, only around 50 Representatives and 12 Senators support gun rights, meaning that strict gun control can pass into federal law quite easily. And Mark Levin and conservative leaders agree that only around 5% of Congress has a ‘Liberty Score’ greater than a ‘B’ grade. Legislation to eliminate due process by banning citizens from buying guns before they are ever convicted of a crime had 27 sponsors. Earlier this month, Congress did pass a gun control bill, which Biden signed into law. The tyrannical bill expanded background checks, sent ATF agents to homes to ‘investigate straw purchases’, and bribes states to implement red flag laws. The ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ currently in the House has 213 sponsors and is very likely to pass into law, totally banning ARs throughout the united states. But the President said that the bill didn’t go far enough. Dictator Biden has stated that he will continue to bypass Congress and implement gun control via executive order if they don’t go far enough to ban guns. Last year, Biden created executive orders that direct the DOJ to ban at-home gun building kits, attack stabilizing braces, and promote model legislation for red flag laws and pressure states to adopt them. While signing these executive orders, Biden referred to our natural right to bear arms as an ‘international embarrassment’. So, how bad must federal gun control must get before you realize that secession is the only way to preserve our natural right to keep and bear arms?

Social credit score 

It is clear that this dystopian surveillance-control system is coming to the united states. China’s communist government already uses this tool to track and manipulate its people to do the government’s bidding and to squash dissent. Now that technology, surveillance, and tyranny are at all time highs, the DC politicians don’t have much in their way. Each time a person purchases a firearm, is caught with facial recognition technology in a place that is not approved, posts anti-government sentiments online, commits an ‘environmental crime’, refuses their medical treatments, or does anything else that the DC politicians don’t like, their social credit score will take a hit. A score that is too low may prevent them from getting loans, using credit cards, traveling, and it may bring about any other punishments that our Lords desire. If you’re being honest with yourself, you know that this system already exists in the united states and will be as powerful as China’s system very soon. The only way to escape it? Leave the union.

Medical freedom

As we all learned over the past few years, our gods in DC can and will control every aspect of our lives, including our medical decisions. Using both direct and indirect measures, the federal government forced nearly every neighborhood in the union to shut down. They coerced nearly every person to cover their faces and rebreathe their own carbon dioxide. They used federal powers to coerce millions of Americans to receive an experimental, dangerous, ineffective vaccine (or multiple vaccines). At the same time, the Lords in DC were suppressing the safe, cheap, and effective treatments. By using federal laws, court cases, regulations, influence, and bribes to states, the feds can and do control everything, even the decisions that may appear to be made locally. It may still be possible to fly without the shots, but we all know how easily they could implement that mandate. Now that the government knows how easily they can persuade or force nearly everyone to inject any substance into their bodies, do you see how that could be used against us in the future? Why wait when we can leave the union and guarantee with 100% certainty that our medical decisions will never again be made by the corrupt, power-hungry “leaders” in DC?

Perpetual war

The leaders of the DC empire have been at war for nearly every moment of its existence. They currently have soldiers in every state on Earth, except for possibly North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China. They waste trillions a year on the most asinine projects. They create millions of dead and injured veterans. The brilliant leaders in DC spent over 1.7 trillion dollars of your money for the F35 airplane. They felt that the money was better spent on the jet than on giving $5,000 to all 300 million humans in the union (or not stealing that money in the first place!) Do you feel any safer? Do you enjoy paying thousands of dollars a year from your income to fund waste and perpetual war all over the globe? If not, there is only one option: secession. 


The reckless digital printing of money by DC politicians has led to record inflation. Each year, your salary and your life-savings diminish in buying power. Once people realize what this means, they get scared. And very angry. If your parents have a one million dollar retirement fund that they worked their entire life to build up, how will you feel when you realize that their fund will not last them for their full retirement and that they may need to return to work or depend on you to support them? Now, it is possible to live on currency other than the dollar without leaving the union, but secession would make it much easier to live in an economy that uses real money that can’t be devalued by faraway corrupt politicians. New Hampshire already has the best alternative currency infrastructure in the union. We have widespread use of gold, silver, crypto, and barter. Granite Staters are too smart to rely solely on the failing dollar. If you hate inflation, you’ll love secession. 

The inevitable crypto ban

Over the past few years, DC politicians have recognized that cryptocurrency is the greatest threat to their dollar, which is the source of their power. Without the dollar, they could not continue to operate their abusive, evil, corrupt, bloated empire. If the dollar loses so much value in the eyes of the people that their employees, contractors, and foreign governments no longer want to accept it, the jig is up. If Biden can’t pay his military with anything of real value, they’ll all walk away. They can’t buy missiles from the contractors if they refuse to accept the worthless paper bills. Without a way to satisfy the FBI agents who expect a real paycheck, the federal government cannot enforce any laws. Once enough people realize that there are much better currencies (ways to store and/or transfer value) than their dollar, their house of cards collapses. And they know that crypto, gold, and silver are gaining ground on the dollar every day. Once they ban the use of alternative currencies, what will you do? Be honest. You know it’s coming. It’s only a matter of time before the feds make crypto totally illegal. They have already targeted peaceful people in New Hampshire for using and selling crypto, and the feds are trying to put them in prison for life for that victimless crime. Will you give up your precious metals and stop using crypto? Or will you leave the union via secession and never again worry about any federal laws?

Federalized elections 

Currently, each state runs its own elections for local, county, and statewide offices. But the DC politicians think they are smarter and better than all of us peasants, so they are planning to take over all our elections. And it’s going to happen. More than half of the US House of Representatives sponsored HR1, legislation that would give the federal government control of state elections, including mandating that all states allow the types of policies that made the cheating in 2020 so easy. Once this bill passes into federal law, say goodbye to election integrity. And because that will make it impossible for anyone but Democrats to win elections, this federal law will never change. Unless a state leaves the federal jurisdiction via secession. Be honest with yourself. You know this bill will pass. It literally has the support of over half of the House (223 sponsors!) and few Senators oppose the policy. And Biden would love to sign it into law. Once it’s federal law, it may already be too late. Now is the time to secede.

DC and PR statehood

As if the federal takeover of all elections wasn’t bad enough, the Democrats have another plan to ensure their eternal dominance. Once the ultra-Democrat city of DC and the super-Democrat state of Puerto Rico are officially granted statehood by DC politicians, the Democrats will have 4 more radical Democrat Senators and a few more radical Democrat Representatives, assuring their control of the Congress and the Presidency forever. Why wait until that happens when we could just leave the crumbling union now? Within the past few years, nearly half of the House and half of the Senate sponsored legislation to make DC into a state. The same legislation already passed the House a few years ago. And Biden is backing this effort, as well. DC may be a state very soon

There are obviously MANY more reasons that we must leave the union as soon as possible. In fact, I recently wrote an article listing my top 100 reasons we must secede. But check back here frequently for updates, and please share this with anyone you know who supports liberty but does not yet support independence, especially if they are in the minority of New Hampshire Republicans who still support the DC empire. Tell them that even Abraham Lincoln, the founder of the Republican Party, supported secession, boldly asserting that “Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is …a most sacred right.”

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.


John Best · July 26, 2022 at 12:09 pm

This might be the stupidest argument I have ever seen. Our elections are rigged by TV so that one of our enemies always wins. You’re too stupid to know this so there is no point in refuting every stupid thing you said here. This article proves my conclusion that stupidity is the biggest problem we face as a nation. And there you sit, choosing to remain stupid.

    The Liberty Block · July 27, 2022 at 4:17 am

    Can you describe a more viable tactic to restore liberty other than secession?

    Nathaniel · August 3, 2022 at 2:10 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree that stupidity/ignorance is a huge issue. what is your suggestion to securing our freedom/rights then? Genuinely asking because if you know of better/faster/more stable route to do so then please share it.

    However, if you plan on just calling people stupid and expect things to change might I suggest that you take the same word used here and apply it directly to yourself.

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