The following is a speech that one of The Liberty Block’s team members would like to see Governor DeSantis deliver in response to Trump repeatedly referring to him as ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’:

I’m Ron DeSantis, and I’m running for President. Some have accused me of being sanctimonious. Let’s evaluate the merits of that accusation.

I’m sanctimonious about protecting your children from the monsters who seek to sexualize them, who confuse them with gender dysphoria, and who justify mutilation of their bodies as “health care.”

I’m sanctimonious about the gigantic COVID spending bills that funded the lockdowns, that funded the weaponization of law enforcement against opponents of the Democrat Party, and that have been a primary driver of the inflation we have suffered through during the Biden Regime’s Reign of Error.

I’m sanctimonious about protecting your freedom from civil liberties violations as happened under COVID. While it’s true that I mistakenly relied on Fauci and Birx at the very beginning of COVID to shut down the state of Florida, within weeks I realized the error and immediately reversed course. I’m sanctimonious about anyone who violated your rights and won’t apologize and won’t admit their mistake.

I’m sanctimonious about protecting Americans from being forced to have a needle penetrate their skin to inject a foreign toxic substance into their bodies against their will, and I’m sanctimonious about anyone who refuses to be accountable for the horror of forcing Americans to choose between their jobs and their right to bodily integrity.

I’m sanctimonious about locking up criminals and removing Soros-backed prosecutors who refuse to protect the innocent. And I’m sanctimonious about anyone who unleashed those criminals and rogue prosecutors on the American people.

I’m sanctimonious about anyone who has used the January 6 political prisoners for personal fundraising purposes, but who hasn’t used a dime of that fundraised money to fund their legal defense.

I’m sanctimonious about anyone who thinks a presidential campaign is a coronation of entitlement, rather than a job interview where competing visions are openly discussed and debated.

I’m sanctimonious about anyone who wants to preemptively surrender to woke corporations just because they donate money to Republicans as well as Democrats.

I’m sanctimonious about anyone who wants to take the Dobbs victory and use it to “negotiate” with the same extremists who lost that battle and want to legalize baby killing all the way to the point of birth and beyond.

I’m sanctimonious about anyone who thinks it’s ok for the Executive Branch to unilaterally ban bump stocks and to “take away guns and worry about due process later.”

Sanctimonious? Call me whatever name you want, but remember that I am the champion of protecting the rights and freedoms of Americans. And with your support, I hope that you will be able to call me President.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 

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Daniel Rice · May 30, 2023 at 2:09 pm

Great article highlighting why Trump idolization needs to end. Trump never was a conservative and only acted as such because it got under the skin of “the other side” and because it got him likes and re-Tweets.

I am not a ‘never Trumper’, but I am a ‘I hope beyond hope that the nominee is not Trumper’.
Trump is a lightning rod and the greatest fundraising tool and rallying cry the left has ever had.
Trump energizes the left.

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